23 Oct 2011

Lots of interesting things I found recently

Typed on my new Webster XL-500 and Smith-Corona DeVille 700


  1. pretty nice haul! odd mix of records if I may say so.

  2. Those Websters sure are cute. And this one comes with all the trimmings...

  3. I bet someone out there somewhere has instructions on working that answering machine.

    It's very cool and classy. I could use one. I'm terrible with numbers.

    Olympia made them as well, but probably won't find one easily: Olivetti must have benefited from Underwood's distribution channels.


  4. That is a great haul. I love the period graphics. Even if the records are beat to heck, the covers are a lot of fun.

    I also picked up an adding machine late last week. Like I needed another one. This one was by Sharp and made in Japan. What caught my attention is that the each print column has a long, vertical bar with numbers instead of wheels.

    The mechanism is dramatic and well worth $4.00 in entertainment value. Essentially, it is like the adding machines of old (well, really old) with purely mechanical accumulation and an added motor and clutch mechanism.

    I expect this may be the last good week at the thrift stores before the snow blows. It was warm here and people might have cleaned their garages.

  5. 1) Sooo envious of your adding machine! I've been on the lookout for a long time...no luck yet. Someday. :)

    2) Starting with a small goal for NaNo is good! Mine is to double last year's wordcount...which puts my goal at 20k. Reasonable, I think, since I'm such a procrastinator and it's my first semester back in school after two years. So far all of my essays have been written after 11:30pm the night before they're due...hope I get better at this if I decide to major in creative writing! Bleh!

    3) Niiiice script! :)