13 Apr 2017

Finnish Erika brochure

I recently made a purchase from a Finnish used bookstore, and while trying to find a few more things to buy to take better advantage of the flat rate shipping I came across this wonderful brochure. The seller kindly threw it in for free.

Based on the models available, and the code printed on the back, I think this is from 1939. I've seen a very similar brochure in German, but it's nice to have one in another language that I'm a bit familiar with. (I know some Finnish, but couldn't hold a conversation yet. Those other books I was buying aren't novels!)


  1. Very nifty. And all these people look so happy, even though it's 1939.

  2. What a great acquisition! Nice graphics. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Cool ephemera, apparently the paper rest is a source of pride for the folks at Erika. ~T~