9 Mar 2017

Typewriters in the TPL archives

1937 - The Stationers Inc typewriter showroom.

I've been digging through Tacoma Public Library's online photo archive; here are some interesting typewriter-related images I've found.

1937 - The Stationers Inc typewriter repair shop.

1937 - The Stationers Inc typewriter repair shop.

1940 - Tacoma Times newspaper office.

1941 - Interior of the Cunocar mobile accounting service's van.

1952 - Sears display of Remington portable typewriters.

1952 - New Royal standards delivered to the Washington State Federation of Labor.

1975 - 16-year-old Randall Bailey with his antique collection, including an Oliver.


  1. That bus! Now I have a clear image of my next home.

  2. Those are some fine typewriters, but I can imagine that van used for amateur radio complete with a teletype and typewriters. Randall Bailey sure has a great collection, a wax cylinder player and all.

  3. Wow. These are all fantastic images!

  4. Great images! Wow, 1975. I remember looking like that :D