11 Sep 2015

Factories and showrooms


Facit: Åtvidaberg, 1957


British Olivetti: Glasgow, 1957

A bit mesmerizing...

Robotron: Dresden, 1987

Smiles all 'round.

Robotron: Dresden, 1988-89

Here at the Robotron factory you can see an Olympia Regina De Luxe alongside more standard Erikas (and possibly other brands).

Showrooms (and similar)

Remington: Munich

In this case I don't think the typewriter is the main focus...

Olivetti: Switzerland, 1960s

Olivetti showrooms—not to be outdone by the typewriters' style!

Optima: DDR, 1950s

So many different Optimas on display!

Royal, Smith-Corona, Underwood: USA, 1960s

A shop that displays many kinds of used items, with typewriters as a centerpiece.

Royal: USA, 1960s

Adler: England, 1960s

The suspended-in-air display is quite delightful.

Rheinmetall: Rio de Janeiro, 1930s

Probably taken through a shop window?

In case if you haven't seen before, I created this map of known typewriter factories around the world.


  1. In regards to the map you have made (Thank you kindly for it), the Fox Factory is still there in Grand Rapids as well, it's just been turned into an office. Its the building at the corner of Front Ave Nw and 6th

    1. Thanks! This is for all factories, whether they're still around or not. I just haven't been able to get good enough details to add everything, or just haven't added some of the older factories to the map.

  2. Well done on these inside views! A great compilation.

    You will want to check out my article on the Victor (standard) as both factories in which it was made still exist, and are shown in that article.

    1. I wish there were more photos available of the American factories in the heyday of portables!

      I'll have to check that out.

  3. These are all great. The Olivetti showrooms in various cities were delightful, to judge from photos.

  4. Ah, Remington in Munich! What a beautiful photograph! The typewriter isn't bad either.