17 Jul 2015

Deep typewriter dreams

What in the world? What's happened to that beloved picture of Sholes liberating the women of the world that we all love so dearly?

DeepDream is one of those crazy and wonderful things that you had no idea would ever be created, but now that it has been, it seems like the most natural and essential thing. Google gets one more point on the love side of my love/hate opinion.

It's not my job to explain how or why. This SciShow video does a much better job at that. You should also look at this video which has been processed the same way.

Anyway, the reason why there's dogs appearing everywhere is because the DeepDream system was tested out expensively on recognizing dogs in images. So any time something in an image looks a bit like a dog to DeepDream, it draws us a dog there.

DeepDream isn't only useful for creating trippy dog-laden images, though. It can also be used to create some really lovely artistic effects better than any Photoshop filter ever could.

This classic Sholes image turned out to be very good fuel for DeepDream's interesting effects.

I created all of the images in this post using Dreamscope.  The output quality is unfortunately not that great, but this service creates them in a matter of seconds, rather than others which have queues that are over 24 hours long.

I also have tried it out on a couple typewriters of mine.

I have to say, the "trippy" effect has to be my favorite one. It's just so weird. And unpredictable, at first, until you start to recognize what cues tend to bring out the weird.

This is supposed to be a little child typing at an Erika 10.

This is created from what has to be my favorite ebay listing image for a typewriter ever.

Sometimes the artistic effects are really quite beautiful and turn out works of art.

And sometimes you just.... I don't know. I have no idea. But I love it.

Create your own.


  1. Eeeeek! Disturbing stuff. Dalí would love it. I was aware of this "computer dreaming" effect but didn't know that it was available for the public to try. Which I will immediately do, of course.

  2. https://dreamscopeapp.com/i/KPylYoQhQc

    1. That turned out pretty well!

      I also tested it out on some maps and the results there are quite interesting, almost feeling like ancient maps with monsters in the blank areas.


    2. Those are fascinating.

      These techniques are going to lead to some mind-blowing computer animation -- and mind-fooling image alteration.

  3. I love those Grimm Brothers! The SciFi stuff with animals etc is interesting, but not quite my thing.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Eeeeeerrriiieee. I thought of Salvador Dali immediately when I saw this, but Richard beat me to the comment. I must try out the software.

  5. https://dreamscopeapp.com/i/TLTr-_7tQx

    self-portrait with dog-shoulders and hair-eyes. :D

  6. Wow what a trip! I like the armchair typewriters the best. :)