18 Apr 2014

Mt Rose hike

I was going to do a typecast on our recent hike on Mt Rose trail and the drive to and from it, but time ran out and W and I are getting ready to leave for a weekend adventure to Vancouver. So for now, here are some photographs of the excellent Washington mountains. The weather was ideal for a hike and the scenery was as beautiful as ever!

Some practice photographing water with fast shutter speeds.

Wildlife in gastropodal form.

We didn't make it all the way to the top of the trail, one of the steepest in the entire Olympic range, just to the edge of Mt Skokomish Wilderness. (Though not for lack of ability and desire, we had a schedule to stick to.)

See you on Monday! I will have a surprise. ;)


  1. Spectacular. Thanks for sharing the fresh air.

  2. Would love to hike through a forest like that, looks so peaceful!