13 Sep 2011

I can't think of a title exciting enough!!!

I usually hate multiple exclamation points. Fail.
Typed on my new Olympia SM3, Olympia SM4, Olympia SM5, and Voss De Luxe


  1. Hot damn! That really is a cornucopia of Schreibmaschine goodness!

    I've never seen someone go to the lengths that Mr. (Rev.?) Guikema went to to mark a typewriter. Pretty neat.

    If the shift on an Olympia feels heavy, check the back corners for a way to adjust it. I'll be sending you a story including this and other tips from the latest ETCetera.

    I am a complete sucker for the Voss gullwing design. One of the most fantastic typewriter designs ever.

  2. Wow, great! I just got an Olympia sm4 TODAY! and I was thinking the same thing you were "If it wasn't for this HEAVY shift this would be the greatest typewriter!" If there is a way to adjust it so my childishly weak wrists won't get such a work out, I'd be the happiest person in Kentucky!

  3. Heh, I'd hate you, but it's really just envy. Sweet scores, my brother (:

    That Voss especially. Fantastic find!

  4. Just think, two typewriter hunts happening spontaneously on different sides of the globe! And I think you came out ahead, by far :)

  5. Great finds! There's no going back now. Since discovering Olympia SM3s and 4s, I'm hooked. The SM5 apparently lacks the individually sprung keytops and yes - they are perfection except the carriage shift needs power assist! If it helps, a more authentic fix for the bushing problem (that causes the carriage grinding) I have found is a set of four half-inch diameter rubber tap washers (hardware shop of plumbers merchant). Just remove the chassis screws one at a time, scrape out any residual rubber and replace with the washers. I only had to ream out the hole in the washers sligthly to get the fixing screw to go through. Nip up the screws tight as they have a built in spacer section to avoid over compressing the bushing.

  6. If there's any justice in the world, you've now used up all your typewriterly karma for the rest of your long life.
    Seriously - that's a fantastic haul - if you'd done it in a year, I'd say you had a pretty good year. In a day? that's insane.

  7. They are all lovely, but I agree, that Voss is the apex. I really love the cool way on these Voss machines that the space bar is integrated in the front. Do you prefer this type of space bar, or do you prefer a separate bar? I like the separate better generally. You the man all right! I agree with what Mr. Polt said, that reverend must have had a larcenous congregation!