30 Apr 2011

OTW, Wild typewriters, Archery, Typer dreams

Typed on my Webster XL-500
in the grass amongst the bugs and later on my floor.

My sister is that archer(ess?)


  1. Excellent family photo. That's a good idea, taking them all out at once for an outdoor photo shoot.

    It looks like you've got a yard capable of handling even Mr. Polt's collection :D

  2. Those little Websters really are well made.

    I often have TW dreams, usually involving a one-of-a-kind, unheard-of, 19th century contraption that I find in a junk store or warehouse. They are very greedy dreams.

  3. OK, in the spirit of some kind of self-help group, and after just reading Ted's lascivious tale of Hermes-love, should I feel duty-bound to raise a hand and say "steady on"? Rein it in a little? Nah. A chap's got to have a dream - and sometimes they do come true. If I chew a used ribbon before bedtime, do you think I could have typewriter dreams too?