20 Mar 2011

Typewriter Collecting Prediction & Arm Reattachment

Typed on my Webster XL-500 on the toilet &
my Underwood standard (No. 6 or Champion?) at my desk.


  1. Just found your blog and love it. I'm on board. I also love SCM typewriters, manual and electric. As a typewriter repairman, Smith Corona's were the best built and designed machines for the money. They were so well designed that any mechanisms were never modified in almost forty years. I get one or two Power 12's in a year for repair still.

  2. Tom Furrier:

    Thanks for the comment. I never expected that within a week or so I'd have this much interest generated!

    I also like them a lot. I still haven't gotten a fully working Super 5 line portable... hoping for one soon! And it's a good thing Sears rebranded the later ones because I think they did a better job with exterior design than the SCM people. :P

  3. I may still have a working 5TE - I can check. If I do, and you are interested, you can have it for the price of shipping.