5 Jan 2015

Proposed Washington state flag

(This isn't typewriter-related, but it's a little side-project I've been working on recently)

Washington is a really great state with a terrible flag. The only thing going for it is that the field is green instead of blue like almost half of the other states. My first idea for a new flag was to take a silhouette of the Olympic mountains, but it ended up just looking like a torn edge between the blue and green.

So I decided to use the silhouette of our beloved Mount Tahoma (aka Mount Rainier, the most prominent mountain in the contiguous 48 states) instead. I added a white stripe to the middle for more contrast, as the blue and green don't provide quite enough on their own. With the stripe added, it ended up looking like the proposed flag for Cascadia (which I think is a nice idea, if rough).

Now, a reward for your time:



  1. I like the proposed one, but possibly the variation two below it with the darker blue is a bit more impactful, and balanced color wise. The white stripe is good!......... Now what do you do with it?
    Hmm... did you switch carriages on the Rheinmetalls?? That also looks good!

  2. Oh, is the right one a Soemtron kst, - never heard of one. Nice looking.

    1. I couldn't decide between the shades of blue… I think depending on your screen, contrast will be more or less.

      The Soemtron KsT is the final version of the Rheinmetall, I did a post on it: http://xoverit.blogspot.com/2014/07/soemtron-and-final-kst.html

    2. Sorry, how did I miss that one. Yes, the Soemtron does look like a fine machine, and so easily dismantled as you show. Thanks. Will you elaborate on the "Hmm..." more?

    3. You are also a very fast two finger typer. I usually end up typing that way on a computer, but I'm trying to have "good form" on a typewriter and type the way I learned in typing class in eighth grade. Now that you have the Typing Manual, you can practice touch typing also.

    4. I switched the carriages. They fit, but due to 20+ years of changes, they don't quite work that way.

  3. Still largely compatible, how fascinating! Just like the Oliver and Hermes 2000 portables!