23 Jan 2014

Hermes Epoca for your computer (western latin and cyrillic)

Cyrillic is in uppercase only because I couldn't made good-looking lowercase out of the Latin alphabet. I used a carbon ribbon, so the slightly rough look is due to the texture of the paper.

Sent from my Hermes 3000


  1. Truly, Nick, you are a man of letters. As such, I trust you would be amenable to mentoring lesser folk in the form of answering questions. Like, what do you use to convert your scanned images into a font? And, how does one acquire a carbon ribbon for a manual typewriter? I'm guessing re-spooling from a Selectric cartridge? I see Amazon can provide used ones. How truly wonderful, in the full sense of the word!

    Oh dear, I see my blog has scrolled off your list - time to get my weird on!

  2. Installed!

    You are nothing if not thorough. Thanks for sharing your efforts.

    1. It was a fun if intensive and tiring project that I probably won't be doing again. ;D

  3. Well done. I'll save these for an opportune moment.

  4. Could you reuppload? The link seems dead.